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My Story

I am the product of an artistic family full of musicians, painters, and writers. Since I can remember, I have always been passionate about the arts. I developed a love for filmmaking as I watched hours of behind-the-scenes Lord of the Rings discs. Revealing both the wonder and awe of filmmaking, this footage showed me the magic involved in many departments collaborating to create an epic fantasy.

To pursue a career in movie-making, I moved from  Seattle to Los Angeles. At Cal State LA, I narrowed down my area of focus to producing, enjoying my role in seeing a project through to the end and my ability to use my strengths in time management and communication. 

While at Cal State LA, I worked on the team that produced a finalist commercial, Peace of Mind, for the Coca-Cola Refreshing Films contest. It was through my work on this project that I was able to learn the production process from script revisions to distribution and marketing.

Since completing Peace of Mind, I have worked at The Walt Disney Company, both within the parks and corporate, predominantly in the entertainment brand of the ABC-owned TV stations, creating content for digital and broadcast distribution. 


I aspire to keep honing my skills and knowledge of the industry so that I may continue bringing wonderful stories to life.

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