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As an editor, I have experience using Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. I take careful consideration in choosing my clips, music, SFX and GFX to create compelling narratives. 

Interview with "The Artful Dodger's" Thomas Brodie-Sangster  - Editor

Edited interview footage, show clips, VO, GFX and audio to create a package for national broadcast.

Vincent D'Onofrio on Marvel's "Echo" - Editor

Compiled interview footage, show clips and music to promote a new Marvel show over various social media platforms.

Flocking Flamingos Prank - Editor

Utilized various interview clip, unique graphics and b-roll to tell a local story during Pink Month.

Jacuzzi - Editor

Combined footage, audio, SFX and music to create a compelling narrative.

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